Fred Peters Auctioneers, LLC
*ONLINE ONLY* The UnCommon Market Auction - March 12, 2018 1:00 PM

Item Description
1.5-Tier Metro Wire Post Rack w/72"x18" Shelves
2.Lot Packing Tape/Dispensers
3.Lot (3) Meto Marking Guns w/Tape
4.Lot Asst Gloves/Crew-Ware Oven Mits
5.Lighted Open Sign
6.End Bag Holder w/3 Cs Bags
7.24-Can Cooler Bags (NIB)
8.Lot Asst Coffee Bean Bags
9.Lot Asst USPS Boxes
10.Asst U-Line Die-Cut Bags/Tissue Paper
11.4-Tier Wire Post Rack w/48"x24" Shelves
12.Lot (2) Shelves Asst Wicker Baskets
13.Lot (2) Shelves Asst Spice Tins
14.Cases IBM 44 mm Cash Register Rolls
15.Cases CC/EFT/POS 3-1/8" x 230 Black Image Thermal Rolls (50/Cs)
16.Lot Asst Cash Register Tape (1-3/4", 2-1/4", 3", 3-1/8")
17.Lot (25) Blue Bib Aprons
18.Lot (25) Blue Bib Aprons
19.Lot (25) Blue Bib Aprons
20.Lot (50) Blue Bib Aprons
21.Lot (50) Blue Bib Aprons
22.Lot (23) Asst Bib Aprons
23.Lot Artificial Plants
24.Coby 23" LED HD Flatscreen TV (NIB)
25.Lot Sharp 14" Atomic Clock/9" Air Circulator (NIB)
26.Cases Noble XL Disposable Gloves
27.APC Battery Back-UPS XS-1500
28.6-Tier Rolling Wire Post Racks w/48"x18" Shelves
29.6-Tier Rolling Wire Post Racks w/48"x18" Shelves
30.One-AC 400e Battery Back Up
31.Lot Asst Disposable Cutlery/Spaghetti Strainers
32.Lot (2) Boxes Domino Sugar Packets
33.Lot (2) Shelves Asst Wicker Baskets
34.Lot Asst Wicker Baskets
35.Lot Asst Wicker Baskets
36.36" Security Mirror
37.36" Security Mirrors
38.S/S Chafers w/Water Pans & Lids
39.S/S Chafers w/Water Pans & Lids
40.Box Sternos
41.Wood Suggestion Box
42.Enameled Hanging Track Light Fixtures
43.Enameled Hanging Track Light Fixtures
44.Hanging Spotlight Track Light Fixtures
45.Lot 20-Qt Hook/Paddle
46.Lot Cash Drawer w/Key, Epson M1294 Thermal Printer, Keyboard, Data Logic Scanner
47.Lot Cash Drawer w/Key, Epson M1294 Thermal Printer, Keyboard, Data Logic Scanner
48.Cassida 3300/Quattro Counterfit Bill Detectors
49.Small Wire Shopping Carts
50.Large Wire Shopping Carts
51.Wood Slat Displays
52.60"x48" Wood Display Table
53.New Leaf Vita-Bin Bulk Food Dispensers w/Racks
54.Generic Balloon Blower No. 230H
55.Windower 42" Ceiling Fans (NIB)
56.Market Forge 4-Tier Galvanized Cooler Rack w/36"x20" Shelves
57.60"x36" Rubber-Bottom Floor Mats
58.Lot (3) Sections Gondola Shelving
59.Lot (2) Sections Gondola Shelving w/End Cap
60.Lot (2) Sections Gondola Shelving w/End Cap
61.Lot (2) Sections Gondola Shelving
62.Lot (2) Sections Gondola Shelving
63.Lot (2) Sections Gondola Shelving w/End Cap
63A.Lot (9) Sections Wall Shelving
63B.Lot (5) Sections Wall Shelving
64.18" Security Mirror
65.Lot (5) 48"x12" Wood Shelves w/Asst Brackets
66.Lot S/S Catering Trays
67.4-Tier Wire Post Rack w/36"x18" Shelves
68.4-Tier Chrome Chip Rack
69.60"x36" Oak Framed Chalk Boards
70.3-Tier Chrome Wire Post Cart (30"x18" Shelves)
71.Edlund #10 Can Opener
72.Lot Walk-IN Handle, Latch, Hinge & Closer
73.S/S Handled Pans (16"x11")
74.S/S Handled Pans (16"x11")
75.S/S Handled Pans (16"x11")
76.S/S Half Pans
77.S/S Deli Pans
78.Waring 12" Immersion Blender
79.Alum Half Sheet Trays
80.S/S Mixing Bowls
81.S/S Mixing Bowls
82.S/S Mixing Bowls
83.S/S Mixing Bowls
84.Lot (18) Asst S/S Mixing Bowls
85.S/S Collanders
86.S/S Collanders
87.Asst S/S Hand Whips
88.Vollrath 6-Oz Ladles
89.6-Oz Slotted Ladles
90.8-Oz Slotted Ladles
91.S/S Slotted Spoons
92.S/S Slotted Spoons
93.S/S Spoons
94.S/S Spoons
95.S/S Spoons
96.S/S Spoons
97.Lot S/S Spoons/Fork
98.S/S Hotel Pan w/Utensils
99.S/S Hotel Pan w/Utensils
100.Lot (4) Asst Knives & (2) Steels
101.Lot Spatulas/Poly Scoops
102.Lot Asst Ingregient Scoops
103.Lot (5) Asst Poly Cutting Boards
104.Lot Asst Alum Bakeware
105.Lot (2) Alum Skillets & (1) Sauce Pot
106.Lot Asst Alum/Stainless Pots & Lids
107.S/S Stock Pot w/Lid
108.S/S Stock Pots
109.AND FG-30KBM Digital Portion Scale
110.Nemco Julienne Cutter
111.Lot (2) Trays Asst Utensils
112.Footed Drying Racks
113.Choice Salad Spinner
114.Eagle Electric Counter Food Warmer
115.Eagle Electric Counter Food Warmer
116.Lot (4) Asst Strainers
117.Lot S/S 30-Qt Mixer Bowl, (2) 30-Qt Whips
118.8-Qt Poly Food Containers w/Lids
119.8-Qt Poly Food Containers w/Lids
120.8-Qt Poly Food Containers w/Lids
121.8-Qt Poly Food Containers w/Lids
122.Asst Poly Food Containers w/Lids
123.8-Qt Poly Food Containers w/Lids
124.Asst Poly Food Containers w/Lids
125.22-Qt Poly Food Containers w/Lids
126.22-Qt Poly Food Containers w/Lids
127.Poly Food Containers w/Lids
128.Poly Food Containers w/Lids
129.Poly Food Containers w/Lids
130.Poly Food Containers w/Lids
131.Cambro Poly Containers
132.Cambro Poly Containers
133.Lot Asst Poly Food Pans
134.Lot Asst Poly Food Pans
135.Lot Asst Ceramic Bowls
136.Bunn Pour-Omatic Coffee Maker w/(3) Pots
137.Lot (9) Coffee Pots
138.Dayton 22" Floor Fan
139.6-Tier Rolling Wire Post Rack w/48"x18" Shelves
140.Counter Plexiglass Case w/Trays (33"x15.5"x15.5")
141.Counter Locking Plexiglass Case (16"x15"x17")
142.Asst 4/5-Tier Coated Metro Wire Post Racks (21"/18" x 60"/48" Shelves)
143.5-Tier Stack-Master Wire Rack
144.Claridge 3-Shelf Locking Lighted Display Case (48"x18"x78")
145.Magnavox 40" LED Flatscreen TV
146.San Jamar Paper Towel Dispensers
147.Lot (15) Coffee Bean Dispensers w/Wood Shelf Unit
148.Asst ABC Fire Extinguishers
149.Royal Open Candy Case w/Glass Shelves (84"x24"x50")
150.Columbus Dry Lighted Pastry Case (77"x36"x48.5")
151.Federal Lighted Refrigerated Pastry Case (SC) (77"x36"x48.5")
152.TEC SL57N-30L Digital Computing Scale w/Tape
152A.Techinics AV Control Stereo Receiver/Sony CDP-CX53 CD Changer
153.Lot Brown/Pastry Bags & Asst Packaging
154.Lot (40) Plastic Cafeteria Trays
155.Lot (24) 12" Alum Pizza Pans
156.S/S Catering Trays (17"x11")
157.18" Food Wrap Film w/Stainless Dispenser
158.12" Food Wrap Film w/Stainless Dispenser
159.12" Food Wrap Film w/Stainless Dispenser
160.12"x5280' Food Wrap Film Rolls (NIB)
161.96"x30" Eagle S/S Table
162.S/S Hand Sink w/Knee Valves (19"x21")
163.Ditting Swiss Coffee Grinder w/Stand
164.6-Tier Rolling Wire Post Racks w/48"x18" Shelves
165.Contents (2) Racks: Bakery Packagin, Bags, Twist Ties, Trays, Boxes
166.Berkel MB Counter Bread Slicer
167.50"x24" S/S Wire Post Table
168.Tyler Carrier NVM12 12' Straight Front Deli Case w/Stainless Shelves, Gravity Coil Condenser (11/04) (Remote Compressor NOT Included)
169.Tyler LPFDT Allegro Series 5 12' Deli Case w/Self-Serve Front (Remote Compressor NOT Included)
170.McCray 5-00525-10 10' Slant Front, Double Duty 10' Deli Case w/Stainless Shelves, Gravity Coil Condenser (Remote Compressor NOT Included)
171.Lot (42) Asst Ceramic Deli Bowls/Dishes
172.Boxes Inno-Pak 15"x10.75" Snap Sheets (1000/Box)
173.Boxes Sunser XL Powder Free Vinyl Gloves
174.Lot (4) Deli Bag Holders
175.Boxes Choice 10.5"x8" Plastic Deli Saddle Bags (2000/Box)
176.Boxes Git Reddi 10"x8"x24" Food Storage Bags
177.Hussmann RLN 30" Frreezer Doors w/LED Vertical Lights (9/12) (Remote Compressor NOT Included)
178.Hussmann D5X-12/8 LEP Dairy Cases (9/12) (20' Total) (Remote Compressor NOT Included)
179.Masterbilt IR412227 Reach-In 2-Dr Display Freezer (Remote Compressor NOT Included)
180.Italpast PX-15 Pasta Machine w/Following Dies: Angelhair, Linguine, Fussili, Capitappi
181.Asst Wood Folding Tables
182.TEC SL-9000 Digital Computing Scale
183.TEC SL-9000 Digital Computing Scale
184.TEC SL-9000 Digital Computing Scale
185.TEC SL57N Digital Computing Scale
186.TEC SL57N Digital Computing Scale (Does Not Print)
187.96"x30" Eagle S/S Table
188.4' Lifetime Fiberglass Folding Tables
189.30" Lifetime Fiberglass Folding Stands
190.36" Lifetime Fiberglass Folding Card Table w/4 Chairs
191.Costco 3-Step Stepladder
192.Poly Step Stools
193.Cases TEC SL Tape
194.Cases TEC SL Tape
195.Rack w/Asst Lightbulbs, Frill Picks, Extension Cords, Asst Supplies
196.Lot (5) Asst Poly Cutting Boards
197.Lot Asst Glass Bowls, Asst Items
198.4-Tier Chrome Chip Rack
199.Lot (5) Asst Boxes Ribbon
200.Mosler 2-Hr Safe (26"x26.5"x46")
201.Mosler Cube Safe (22"x33"x32")
202.Lot (25) Partial Boxes Asst Packaging Product
203.Icon V25 RTC-1000 Time Clock
204.Amana RCS 1000w Commercial Microwave
205.50"x24" S/S Wire Post Table
206.Lot Asst Knives w/Rack
207.Eagle S/S 3-Bowl Sink (57"x25")
208.TI DaVinci Inside 600mhz 8-Camera Surveillance System
209.Hobart D-3000 30-Qt Mixer w/Shredder Attachment (Spindle Leaks)
210.Hobart Shredder Attachment w/Blades
211.Globe Gravity-Feed Slicer
212.Globe 500 Gravity-Feed Slicer
213.Lot (2) Crates 10" Sign Letters
214.96"x30" S/S Table
215.Globe 500 Gravity-Feed Slicer
216.72"x30" S/S Table
217.48"x24" S/S Wire Post Table
218.Globe 3600 Manual Slicer
219.Globe 3600 Manual Slicer
220.Globe 3600 Blades (NIB)
220A.New Slicer Blades
220B.New Slicer Blades
221.Torrey L-EQ Series Digital Portion Scale
222.84"x30" S/S Table
223.CAS LP-1000 Label Printing Scale
224.CAS LP-1000 Label Printing Scale
225.Cases CAS Scale Labels
226.Cases CAS Scale Labels
226A.Bulman Roll Paper Dispenser
227.Hantover S/S Hand Sink w/Knee Valves (19"x18")
228.York 3-Dr Fire Insulated File Case
229.New Age Alum Bakery Transfer Racks
230.Asst Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats
231.Lot (5) Asst Signs
232.Eagle Snack Rack
233.Horizontal Feed Transfer Rack
234.Alum Bakery Transfer Racks
235.Alum Bakery Transfer Racks
236.Lot (2) Alum Bakery Transfer Racks
237.8' Wood Stepladder
238.CresCor Elec Proofing Cabinet
239.Vintage Grocer Ice Cream Crates
240.Collapsible Produce Crates
241.Powr-Flite PAS-16 Elec Floor Scrubber
242.Lot Mop Bucket, Signs, Mop
243.Lot Beverage Container, Cooler, Water Container, Coffee Makers
244.Lot Asst Cleaners
245.Gallons Zep Floor Cleaner
246.Gallons Vinegar/White Wine
247.Lot Condensate Pump/Fractional Motors
248.Lot Pizzelle Makers
249.6-Tier Rolling Wire Post Racks w/48"x18" Shelves
250.Lot Holiday D?cor
251.Seal-O-Matic S-210 Impulse Sealers
252.7' Composite Sandwich Boards
253.Cheese Cutter/Wood Stand
254.Penn 8'8"x6'9"x8'6" Walk-In Cooler w/Floor & Blower. (Remote Compressor NOT Included)
255.Lot Asst Fluorescent Tubes
256.Containers Ecolab Solid Metal Plus Detergent
257.Gallons Noble Lime-B-Gone S/S Acid Cleaner
258.Lot Cleaning Supplies, Spice Jars, Office Supplies
259.4-Tier Wire-Deck Rack Shelving (6'x24")
260.Lot (11) Partial Cases Asst Packaging
261.Lot Ravioli Molds
262.Cuisinart DLC-X Plus Food Processor w/Extra Blades
263.48"x12" S/S Wall Shelves
264.Stack-Master 3-Tier Wire Rack w/48"x18" Shelves
265.Lot Asst Thermometers/Tiimers
266.Lot Asst Cleaners, Racks, Bleach, Asst Items
267.6-Tier Rolling Wire Post Rack w/48"x18" Shelves
268.50"x24" S/S Rolling Wire Post Table
269.96"x30" S/S Table
270.Lot New Utensils, Ovens Mitts, Asst Items
271.Full Alum Sheet Trays
272.Full Alum Sheet Trays
273.Full Alum Sheet Trays
274.Full Perforated Sheet Trays
275.Vulcan Gas S/S Tilt Skillet (36"x24" Skillet)
276.Garland 4-Burner Gas Range w/Oven
277.Garland Full Sheet Gas Stack Convection Ovens
278.Hobart UW50 Dish/Pan Washer (240v, 3-PH) (New Hot Water Element) (Regular Hobart Maintenance Schedule Followed)
279.S/S 3-Bowl Sink w/Dual Faucets & Spray-Bar
280.Knife Rack w/Knives
281.Wilder Half-Rack Transfer Rack w/Trays
282.S/S Hand Sinkw/Knee Valves
283.60"x30" S/S Table
284.Vollrath MIX-1040 40-Qt Mixer w/Stainless Bowl, Paddle, Hook (1-Ph, 240v)
285.Meat Lugs w/Lids & Rack
286.Bangor 19'2"x9'8"x7'7" Walk-In Cooler/Freezer Combo (Cooler 9'x9', Freezer 9'x9' w/Floor) (2) Blowers; (Remote Compressor NOT Included)
287.Dayton 22" Floor Fan
288.Metro Coated Cooler Racks
289.Lot (2) Cooler Racks
290.48"x20" Alum Dunnage Racks
291.4-Wh Platform Cart
292.Stack-Master 3-Tier Wire Rack w/60"x18" Shelves
293.Lot Poly Tubs w/Lids
294.Poly Meat Lugs w/Lids
295.Poly Meat Lugs w/Lids
296.Poly Meat Lugs w/Lids
297.Poly Meat Lugs w/Lids
298.Poly Meat Lugs w/Lids
299.Stack-Master Wire Rack w/48"x18" Shelves
300.Contents of Rack: Asst Foil Pans, Lids (Apprx 20 Boxes)
301.Therma Star HI-E Dry 195 Dehumidifiers
302.Cambro Hot Food Boxes w/Dolly
303.Cambro Hot Food Boxes w/Dolly
304.Holmes Elec Baseboard Heater
305.Ansul Valve
306.S/S 40-Qt Bowl w/Hook & Whip
307.S/S 30-Qt Bowl w/Hook, Whip & Paddle
308.Lot Asst Hoses
309.Stack-Master 3-Tier Wire Rack (60"x18" Shelves)
310.Cases Lavex White Multifold Paper Towels
311.Cases Asst Clear Hinged Containers
312.Cases Asst Fabri-Kal Clear Round Containers
313.Lot (8) Cases Portion Cups, Lids, Lunch Boxes
314.Cases Asst Choice Deli Containers w/Lids
315.Super Pig Sock Absorbant Tubing/Ceiling Panel Drip Catchers
316.Cases Inno-Pak Micro Perf Bags
317.Lot (5) Cases Asst Foil Pans/Lids
318.Lot Hand Grinders, Blades, Plates
319.GE Portable Dishwasher
320.Lot Bex Spice Jars w/Lids
321.Lot Silgan Spice Jars w/Lids
322.Lot Silgan Spice Jars w/Lids
323.Lot Risers
324.Lot Sign Frames/Rack
325.Sets 5-Dr Cube Lockers
326.Lot (3) 2-Wh Dollies
327.Frigidaire Auto Washer
328.Maytag Gas Dryer
329.8' Wood Folding Table
330.Lot Asst Stands/Bookcases
331.Upright Case/Contents
332.Lot Sandwich Boards
333.Lot Asst Slicer Parts
334.Cases Asst Deli Pro Containers
335.Cases Dart Deli Containers, Lids, Shrinkwrap
336.Lot (7) Boxes Bubblewrap, Peanuts, Asst Packing Materials
337.Lot(12) Cases Asst Bakery Bags, Rounds, Sleeves
338.Lot (5) Cases Asst Cutlery, Plates, Serviceware
339.Lot (4) Hanging Light Fixtures/Clock
340.Chrome Snack Racks
341.Lot (2) Snack Racks
342.Chrome Snack Racks
343.Gnocchi Machine
344.Gnocchi Machine
345.True S/S 1-Dr Prep Table (NW)
346.Roll 36" Paper
347.Lot (10) Boxes Asst Toilet Paper, Napkins, Plates, Cups, Bags, Asst Items
348.Power King High traction 235-75R15 Tires
349.Poly Rolling Ingredient Bins
350.Hand Shopping Baskets w/Rack
351.Hand Shopping Baskets w/Rack
352.Hand Shopping Baskets w/Rack
353.Lot (3) S/S Deli Risers
354.120"x43" Galvanized Hood w/Ansul System
355.Copier Stand
356.Mid Temp Bottle Compressor
357.Mid Temp Compressor, 1-HP, 03H
358.Lot Temp Compressor, 1.5-HP, 12G
359.Mid Temp Compressor, 2-HP, 04E
360.Low Temp Compressor, 3-HP, 13E
361.Mid Temp Compressor, 7.5-HP, 89H
362.Mid Temp Compressor, 5-HP, 07G
363.Low Temp Bottle Compressor

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